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Tales From the Shep Shack-Koa

We are rolling into the weekend with another Tale From the Shep Shack! We are honestly surprised it took this long for beautiful young Regen to find her forever family, but good things come to those who wait! Regen is now named Koa and she has her own furry 4 legged sister and two human kids of her own!!! Typically Koa is very vocal and barky when she meets new people. So we warned the family that she was all bark and it might take a minute for her to calm down. But we have learned that these dogs love to make liars out of us and Koa was no exception! When I brought Koa out to walk with Scott, Beth and their family, Koa didn’t make one peep!!! She was so happy to walk along and couldn’t wait to meet her new siblings!!! We couldn’t be happier for this family and for Koa to live happily ever after as she is the latest addition to our Tales From the Shep Shack!

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