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Tales From the Shep Shack-Morpheus

We’re always super excited to share our Tales From the Shep Shack detailing our recent adoptions, but it is even more special when it’s one of our volunteers who ends up adopting one of our orphans. But I think you’ll all agree that THIS Tale from the Shep Shack takes the cake!!

When our executive director (who also happens to be one of our co-founders, namesake for the rescue and one inspirational human), Shari Dale, lost her beloved Gage last year, all who know her knew it would be a long while before or even IF she would get another dog. Gage’s K9 brother Ranger also mourned the loss of him for 6 solid weeks.

Although Shari truly loves every dog that comes through her rescue, she will tell you her favorite German Shepherd dog is the 5 year old male. She states: “they’re absolute perfection, old enough to be out of that young, active, “puppy” stage, but young enough to still enjoy the best activities like walking, hiking or swimming and at the same time be willing to just chill at home for the day!”

Well, wouldn’t you know it a few weeks back we got word of 2 dogs needing to be rehomed…And you probably guessed it, one was a 5 year old male.

The day we met these two beautiful dogs I could see it in Shari’s eyes the instant love she felt for the male. As it turned out, he proved to be the most gentle soul. Could it be he was everything Shari and even Ranger never knew they wanted or needed?

It sure didn’t take long for this dog to win the hearts of Shari and Ranger and even her two resident cats, Tulip and Cosmo. His large size and classic GS looks and his gorgeous, soulful golden brown eyes spoke to all of us, but to Shari most, letting her know he was there to help heal her broken heart.

Now named Trooper G (Shari will call him ‘G’) is in need of a lot of healing too, after being displaced from his home of 5 years and losing his canine sister (she is in another foster home currently) within just a few short months. But all of us here at the Shep Shack know there is no better place than the Dale Mansion for his new life and the mutual healing to begin. So here’s to many, many happy days in your new life, G, and thank you for letting us share your Tale in the Shep Shack!!

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