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Tale from the shep shack-Goldie

It’s time! Time for another Tale From the Shep Shack!!! And what a tale it is!!!! Remember sweet, young Goldie, who was just a couple hours away from being euthanized in a small rural shelter in southern California? Well, A few weeks ago, Goldie went into a foster home. Cindy and Jay were seriously considering fostering to adopt. But things weren’t going quite as smoothly as they had hoped and they just weren’t quite ready to commit, considering they had a 10-year-old cocker spaniel, who’s quality of life needed to be considered.

So when I got the voicemail from Cindy asking me to call her, I wasn’t sure what to expect, because typically messages like that aren’t good news.

So I put on my big girl panties and I made the phone call. Cindy said something happened that I needed to know about, and she proceeded to tell me this story.

During the night the previous night Goldie had frantically woken Cindy up. Cindy wasn’t sure what to make of that because Goldie had access to a dog door if she needed to go outside, but what Goldie was doing was alerting Cindy that Charity, the senior cocker spaniel had somehow managed to get wedged in between the mattress of the bed and the footboard and was tangled up in the bedding and couldn’t move. Poor Charity wasn’t able to make a noise to cry and alert them herself, so had Goldie not made the choice to wake up Cindy and Jay, poor Charity could have suffocated or hurt herself trying to free herself from the tangles of bedding in between the footboard and the mattress. Once Charity was free of her trap, Jay made the decision right then and there that Goldie would not be leaving. Cindy said Charity had never gotten anywhere near that spot on the bed before and they have no idea how she got there. So not only is Goldie a hero, but she is the new permanent family member of Cindy and Jay’s family. How’s that for a Tale from the Shep Shack???

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