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Adopter Update: Morpheus

Usually when I post an adopter update it’s about a dog that somebody adopted from me. So today I thought I would post an update about the dog I recently adopted. A dog I wasn’t even looking to adopt. Trooper, formerly Morpheus, stole my heart the minute I met him ( but honestly, they all do). Anyway, one day I brought him over to my house to meet my current shepherd, Ranger. Morpheus seemed very calm and with Ranger being 13 yrs old, I thought he might want to hang out for a while and just have some company. Within an hour of being at my house my cat started rubbing her face all over his face. That’s when I knew that he couldn’t leave. So I adopted him. Six days later he’s at the vet, having an emergency splenectomy because he had a 3.5 lb mass on his spleen that was in danger of rupturing. It could have been cancerous and had it ruptured, it probably would’ve been a death sentence. After a three night stay in the hospital, I brought Trooper home for good. He has recovered nicely from his surgery and is starting to put on some much needed weight. I have to say he’s pretty perfect. He’s sweet, he’s gentle, and so respectful of Ranger and the cats. He has learned that toys are great, and going for walks is the best thing EVER. He is snuggly and curious. I call him Sponge Bob because he soaks up so many behaviors from Ranger, it’s just crazy. I can’t wait to see all the new things Trooper will be experiencing in the weeks and months to come. He’s already learning where the steps are in the pool and isn’t afraid to use them when his favorite ball happens to roll into the pool. He’s truly brought a whole new energy into my home and it’s just what we all needed.

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