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Tales From the Shep Shack-Bronco

There’s no better way to end the week and start the weekend than by sharing a new Tale From the Shep Shack! And what a tale it is!!! I met Candice and Shawn several years ago and knew immediately they were going to be amazing adopters!! And guess what??? I was right (for once!😂) A few weeks ago Candice contacted me to let me know that Logan, their amazing male shepherd, had lost his battle with cancer and that they would soon be looking for another male dog to help heal their broken hearts and also to find a companion for precious Gia, their 11 yr old shepherd with ME.

Once they were ready, they let us know they had a few dogs in mind they would like to meet. So last week we did a few introductions, and after a lot of discussions about what they were looking for in a dog, Candice and Shawn decided that our big boy, Bronco was the one for them. We were brutally honest about Bronco’s issues and needs (I’m a stickler about full disclosure) and they said they were willing to do whatever it took to help Bronco become a happy well adjusted member of their family. And we knew that if anyone could make that happen, it was Candice and Shawn. The updates we have received since they took Bronco home have been pretty amazing. They are taking and making baby steps and not rushing things. Bronco is responding incredibly well to the calm confident energy that this couple oozes. We honestly thought Bronco would be with us for a while, while we made adjustments to help him find his inner peace and balance, but along came Candice and Shawn who were more than willing to take over. They have promised to send updates; something we look forward to from all our adopters to help keep us going when the sadness of rescue starts to wear us down.

Thank you Candice, Shawn and Gia for making this Tale From the Shep Shack a reality!!!!

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