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Tales From the Shep Shack-Belle Starr

It’s time for the first Tale From the Shep Shack of our Western puppies!!!! Tiny little Belle Starr was the first Western puppy to be adopted. Honestly I’m not really sure why adopters Liz and Ric still answer my calls and text messages!!! 😂😂Belle Starr, now named Circe, is the 3rd dog that I have asked them to foster over the years and the 3rd time they have foster failed!!! I’m pretty sure this was the quickest foster fail though. It seems like it only took them about 12 minutes to decide they wouldn’t be giving Circe up!!! We know Circe couldn’t have gotten any luckier than to end up with Liz and Ric and that’s why we love this latest Tale From the Shep Shack!!!

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