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We LOVE it when we get to write a Tale From the Shep Shack for a dog who really needs a home that understands just what it’s going to take to make things work.

And Sophie is one of those dogs.

When we say Sophie is high energy, we mean HIGH energy. (Just ask her amazing foster family!) Being a mal mix, jumping over 5 or 6 foot block walls is a walk in the park for this 11 month old beauty. Another pastime of Sophie’s is redoing the irrigation system in the yard.

But we are all about full disclosure, and told Mike everything we knew about our pretty, sweet, and friendly girl. We tried to explain to Bull,  the current doggy family member, what he was getting into, but it wasn’t necessary. He was happy to let Sophie tell him how things would be going down once she went home with them.

And so, as we all felt that bittersweet feeling of a very special dog moving on to the next chapter of her life, we smile and wipe away that one lone tear rolling down our cheek.

Because this one is a very special Tale From the Shep Shack.

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