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Hope (Freya)

Another reason for all of us at SSR to be thankful!

A failure!!!

Our fosters, Chris and Ted, just couldn’t bare the thought of having precious, old soul Hope, now named Freya, have to go through the stress and confusion of moving into a new home with a new family. Freya’s past is mostly unknown. What we do know is that she was found locked in a bedroom in a trailer that had been empty for 2 weeks.  

She seemed to be so traumatized and shut down, we knew we needed to get her into a foster home as soon as possible.  A nice quiet calm home where she could decompress and not have to worry about anything.

Enter Chris and her husband.

They have fostered many dogs, some of them for Dogs on Deployment, so we knew they understood what Freya would need to help get her through this transition. A few weeks after Freya went home with Chris and Ted we received an application from somebody who wanted to meet Freya. We let Chris know about the interest in Freya and Chris agreed to bring Freya to a meet and greet.

The day arrived and as Chris was getting Freya and herself ready to leave, Chris realized she just couldn’t do it. Freya let Chris know that she was already home! And we couldn’t be happier for them!!!!

Freya will never have to worry about her life ever again!!! Because Freya’s story is another happy ending in our Tales From the Shep Shack.

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