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Eve (Evie Quinn)

Nothing makes us happier than adding another Tale from the Shep Shack!

Today’s tale is the tale of Eve and how her family was waiting for Eve before she even came to SSS.  You see, Julia and her husband needed a very specific dog for their family. With 2 little dogs and 5 cats, not just any shepherd would work. Once approved to adopt, it was a waiting game for Julia and her family.

But as soon as Eve came to us, we knew we had just the right dog for Julia! Eve, now named Evie Quinn (and how stinkin’ cute is her new name???) is a young and cautious dog, whose confidence blossomed around other confident dogs. Evie was also a little weary of the dog savvy cats in her foster home, and she learned to have a healthy respect for them.

So we knew Julia’s home was the perfect place for Evie to land. We couldn’t be happier! And that is today’s Tale from the Shep Shack.

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