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It's time for another edition of Tales From the Shep Shack.  This tale is pretty amazing. But that isn't surprising, because Apollo is an amazing dog.  

Just a couple weeks shy of his 5th birthday, Apollo is one of those dogs that seems too good to be true.  Gorgeous,  very well behaved and friendly. He has it all.  

But sometimes even the best dogs end up in rescue.  

We knew that Apollo wouldn't be homeless for long.  After all, 5 year old shepherds are at the perfect age.  They've gone through the puppy stage,  so they don't need 24/7 supervision, but they are young enough to do just about anything you want them to.  It didn't take long for Jason and Jessica to see that Apollo might be the perfect dog for their family.  And when you have a young child, finding the right dog is critical.  

So Jason didn't waste any time filling out the application and setting up a time for his family to come and meet Apollo.  We had another younger shepherd who loved kids as well, so we had the family meet both dogs.  After learning more about this family, and watching them interact with both dogs, it was evident that Apollo was the dog for this family. He was everything they wanted and needed in a family dog.  

So after being with the rescue for only 5 short days, Apollo went home with his new family! The updates from the family have been nothing short of incredible! He slid into this family like he'd lived there his whole life.  And we couldn't be happier!

Another happy ending for a family and a rescued shepherd. Just what we need to be able to post another Tale From the Shep Shack.

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