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Roman - Our First German Shepherd Adoption

Updated: Jan 27

Life is full of firsts. Our first kiss, first car, first date. Firsts always hold a special place in our hearts. And now Shari's Shepherd Sanctuary is sharing a first. Our first official German Shepherd adoption. Our first of many TALES FROM THE SHEP SHACK.

Beautiful young Roman came to SSS with his mom and litter mate sister. Truly still a puppy at 13 months old, Roman is an old soul. Very calm and reserved, always watching, taking it all in. Roman quickly stole the hearts of all the female volunteers. Because who doesn't love the strong, silent type?

When Tony contacted us, letting us know he was ready to bring a new dog into his home, he told us how lonely Charlie, his 9 year old border collie mix, was since her brother passed away a few months ago. Thinking an older dog might be best, we tried one of our older males, but both dogs let us know they were not a match made in heaven. Knowing how gentle Roman is, and how well he responds to corrections from humans and other dogs, we thought we should give him a chance to start a new life with this amazing family. So we brought Roman out to meet Charlie.

Roman was curious about Charlie. Charlie tried to act like she wasn't interested and gave Roman a tiny little lift of her lip. That's all Roman needed to know he needed to take it slow with Miss Charlie. After a few minutes, both dogs were totally relaxed. Could this be just what each dog needed? Charlie was missing having somebody to mother (and maybe boss around a little bit.) And Roman, who had lived his whole life with his sister, who enjoyed pushing him around, seemed happy letting Charlie dictate the speed at which this relationship would progress.

This adoption, our first, will always be special to us. Because it's our first of many TALES FROM THE SHEP SHACK.

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