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A Van of Our Own

Yesterday was a day that any small rescue dreams of!!!! And for me it’s almost hard to describe the overwhelming feelings of gratitude!!! To know that people believe in us and what we are doing, and are willing to do something of this magnitude to help us achieve our goals is so motivating to keep pushing forward even when it seems like we aren’t even making a tiny dent in the homeless shepherd population. To say thank you seems so inadequate, but it’s all I have right now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Tess Staubs and Doug Staubs for gifting us this van!!!! I can promise you it will be covered in the dog hair of all the shepherds we save going forward. I’m still having a hard time believing it’s ours!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

And thank you Tess for being that friend! This picture just wouldn’t feel right without you giving me bunny ears!!!!

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