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Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't come up with a word to accurately describe how you were feeling?  Recently all of us at SHARI'S SHEPHERD SANCTUARY were in that exact situation. Grateful just seems inadequate. The amount of gratitude we have for Christy Stevens and the entire staff at Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas Animal Hospital for getting us through some veterinary situations with very little time to prepare and doing so with nothing but huge amounts of compassion and kindness, well, like I said, grateful just doesn't come close to how we feel.  

Helping a new and very small rescue to help the shepherds in their care was all that mattered to HAV.  So how do you show your gratitude? Well, luckily, rescue animals and the people who care for them don't notice that you haven't showered, are wearing yesterday's dirty jeans and who wouldn't recognize you if you weren't wearing a baseball hat to cover your bed head and help to hide the black eye you're sporting from some recent dental work,  and they just give you a hug,  when you stop by to drop off a homemade (not by me, of course. Thank you Jennifer Altemueller) cheesecake, and they don't make a scene when they have to pry the box out of your hands, you just try not to sound like a blubbering idiot, and hope your message of appreciation and gratitude somehow manages to come across.  

We are all in this rescue game together. We all have the same goal.  Having the support of an organization like HAV means more to us than we will ever be able to express.

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