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Mary Schimmer-Gaul

Mary's first GSD was a rescue her father brought home when she was in the 4th grade.  The dog was very jumpy and continually jumped on the family.  Because of this behavior and being a large dog, her father ended up taking him back several days later. 

Mary's Story

Mary recalls feeling very saddened and worried about what happened to him and it has stayed with her to this day.  Mary's first long term shepherd was 2 years later, a male named Nikki.  One of her fondest memories of Nikki was when he bit her prom date on the rear end!

Mary's favorite thing about the GS dog is that they are so deceivingly lovable.  They are big and strong enough to do real damage, as we know, but inside they are all cuddly and full of humility.  They are loyal, they can tell time and sulk when their routines are altered.

Although Mary has not yet had any formalized training, she admits that she learned from her shepherds that it is like raising her kids: no training, just do it.  Mary shares that she would like to with all future shepherds. "It's too late for the kids", she quibs.

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