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Andrew Gaul

Growing up in Europe, Andrew says that dogs have always been a part of his family. His daughter's GSD, Colby, was Andrew's "first" German Shepherd and the love of the breed has grown from there.

Andrew's Story

Andrew's favorite trait of the GSD is the duality in their persona of being a big, strong, fearless defender of the family, but at the same time a goofy, belly-rub-loving-baby who is your constant shadow.

Over the past 10 years, Andrew and his wife, Mary, have been involved with the GS dog in some way or another. In 2016, they adopted Carly and they both say that she was the greatest gift they could've ever wished for. Carly was their traveling companion, their pool buddy and their permanent foot warmer at the end of the bed.


When Carly was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, there was never a question in Mary and Andrew's hearts that they would do everything they could to make her happy.


For Andrew, there is nothing that tugs on his heart strings more than an animal in distress and is why he is wanting to embark on this journey. Andrew finds it very hard to put into words the way these animals impact his life. He states: "these dogs are family and deserve to be treated as such. The stories and images of an animal in trouble are so overwhelming and I need to help".

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